The Chronicle of Laird Stongblood

It was long ago when the Evil Presence was first seen in the furthest reaches of the Realm of Kindlemist. The Seer of Celestial Palace foresaw that the Dark Lich Deprava would awaken from his slumber in the Vault of Vile Torments. Deprava would summon evil forces to him and marshal an assault on the peaceful realm that had imprisoned him so long ago. Kindlemist needed a Champion…one who could rid the land of this horid being.

Seluman the Seer could only see one hero that could possibly confront Deprava and survive. But could one so young withstand the Dark Lich’s power? Surely there must be another more seasoned warrior who could take on this overwhelming task. No…it must be…one who would have the potential to gather the power to defeat Deprava over time. The strongest warriors and wizards of the Realm would clearly be targets of Deprava’s wrath when he awakens. They were surely doomed under the unflinching gaze of the Dark Lich. No…a new champion would be the key. But who? Could it be? Yes…Laird Strongblood.

Champion of the Realm